Ripple Effect – Earthquake & Lakes: the tsunami you weren't expecting

What happens when you shake a lake?
Hear from the experts and learn more about how lakes behave in large earthquakes, some of the key things to keep in mind when you’re out enjoying the water and how we can keep ourselves safe.

AF8 What's On Our Plates? Explore Our Active Plate Boundary

What’s On Our Plates? is a set of multimedia learning modules designed to enable anyone to explore Aotearoa New Zealand’s active plate boundary online, including the Alpine Fault and Hikurangi subduction zone.

AF8 Video Resources

Hear from the experts and learn from local experiences.
These videos explain why we are taking the Alpine Fault so seriously and help you understand how you can be prepared for the disruption to normal life that a severe earthquake will cause.

AF8 Roadshow 2021

The AF8 Roadshow provides South Island communities, in areas most likely to be affected by an AF8 earthquake, with direct access to Alpine Fault science and hazard impact information relevant to them and their region.