A list of AF8 related media articles.

Small Otago settlement on the front foot facing future of Alpine Fault magnitude 8 earthquake” Stuff. 18 May 2018

‘Not if but when’ – Alpine Fault preparations continue for when the big one hits South Island” 1News. 18 May 2018

South Island plan for the next Alpine Fault quake” ODT. 16 May 2016

Queenstown Lakes asks Otago Regional Council to plan for peaks”  ODT. 16 May 2018

Scientists keep close eye on Alpine Fault quake swarm” NZ Herald. 4 April 2018

Cliff Behind Retirement Home Crumbles” ODT. 30 July 2017

Minimal compliance on quake standards – specialist“. RNZ. 26 July 2017

Magnitude 4.2 Seddon earthquake rattles Marlborough, Wellington region“. Stuff. 11 July 2017

6.4 quake rattles the deep south“. RNZ. 11 July 2017

Magnitude-6.4 quake ‘genetically related’ to 7.8 Dusky Sound monster shake” Stuff. 12 July 2017

The sleeping dragon: Researchers find blazing heat beneath the Southern Alps” Press. 17 May 2017

Alpine Fault shake in Canterbury could be of ‘higher intensity’ than previously thought” Stuff. 15 April 2017

Exciting Science – Horrific Realities” Otago Daily Times. 31 March 2017

Statistics House Building Could Have Caused Fatalities” Newshub. 31 March 2017

Statistics House Investigations” Media Release. MBIE. 31 March 2017

Landslide Dam Risk Presented” Otago Daily Times. 30 March 2017

November earthquake kick-started slow-slip event in upper South Island” Stuff. 30 March 2017

Preparing for the big one on the Alpine Fault” Stuff. 17 March 2017

New study says Alpine Fault quake interval shorter than thought: GNS Science” Stuff. 6 March 2017

Quake spells cash for Christchurch port” Stuff. 4 March 2017

Freyberg House to be demolished due to earthquake damage” Stuff. 3 March 2017

“‘Strong’ 4.8 earthquake felt in Canterbury” Stuff 1 March 2017

Earthquake caused ‘catastrophic’ underwater mudslides” Radio NZ. 27 February 2017

Editorial: Hard lessons from the earthquake for Wellington” Dominion Post. 23 February 2017

Earthquake shakes central New Zealand” Stuff. 12 February 2017

Could Kaikoura Trigger The Big One?” NZ Herald. 1 Feb 2017

Preparing For A Week After Quake” ODT. 23 Jan 2017

A Good Reason the Prepare for the Big One!” Press. 12 Jan 2017

Quake sends Wellington shoppers to Palmerston North” Stuff. 22 Dec 2016

Wellington Quake Woes Nothing New”. Stuff. 22 Dec 2016

Worldwide quake numbers stable, picture more complicated for NZ, Australia” Stuff. 19 Dec 2016

Risk of massive quake under central NZ rises – but still ‘very unlikely‘” Stuff. 12 Dec 2016

Alpine Fault moves more than any other known land fault in the world‘”  Stuff. March 8 2016

“Are we ready? What to expect when the Alpine Fault ruptures” Stuff. May 21 2016

 “Queenstown conference told of potential impact of alpine fault rupture” Stuff.  October 14 2016

 “When, not if: Alpine fault could cause 8 metres of movement” Stuff. April 6 2015

 “Team granted funding to plan response for Alpine Fault megaquake” Stuff. July 27 2016

“Update on fault” Otago Daily Times. 13 October 2016

“Working on fault rupture plan” Otago Daily Times. 17 August 2016

 “Massive shift in Alpine Fault” Otago Daily Times. 8 March 2016

“Queenstown residents urged to learn from quakes” NZ Herald. Nov 16, 2016

“How would an Alpine Fault quake affect NZ?” NZ Herald. Oct 14, 2016

“Team to investigate possible Alpine Fault ‘mega’ earthquake NZ Herald. Jul 27, 2016

“Alpine Fault Could Kill 1000”  ODT. Feb 1, 2013