The South Island Tier 3 Alpine Fault Exercise Rū Whenua Whakariterite will take place on Friday 22 November 2019.

Rū Whenua Whakariterite | Prepare for Earthquake.

The South Island CDEM Groups have often facilitated a series of table-top/functional exercises for their respective CDEM Group areas. The 2010/2011 Canterbury earthquake and 2016 Kaikōura earthquake events, together with resulting discussions between the six CDEM Groups in the South Island, identified a need to advance a 2019 exercise scenario that would support all South Island CDEM Groups to assess and strengthen inter and intra CDEM Group coordination. The Ministry of Civil Defence Emergency Management is taking part in this exercise.

Exercise Rū Whenua Whakariterite (administered on behalf of the South Island Groups by the Canterbury CDEM Group) has been designed to provide a credible scenario that would have a significant impact on the whole of the South Island, and would enable the six South Island CDEM Groups to meet their common aim.

Please read the Exercise Coordinating Instructions: HERE


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Agency Participation Form

The Exercise Planning Team needs to know the level of commitment your agency is giving to the exercise. This will help to ensure that each sector/agency gets the most out of the exercise and that we can tailor exercise activities to best effect.

The Exercise Planning Team also needs to know who to contact at each agency to ensure that exercise planning information goes to the right person/people.

Please indicate your interest and level of commitment via the form below:

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Examples can be found in the Exercise Coordinating Instructions: HERE

FULL = Agency commits to all parts of the exercise including: contributing to exercise development and staff within the agency will participate in response coordination.

PARTIAL = Agency participates in a specific part of the exercise (and may contribute to exercise development).

FACILITATION = Agency not actively involved in exercise development but personnel are made available to facilitate exercise injects or enquiries (i.e. a control function). NB: Any contact person nominated must be contacted for exercise related matters or enquiries.

NOT ENGAGED = Agency not involved in exercise development of exercise play.