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AF8 Project Evaluation – SAFER Forum

Thank you for your interest and support of the AF8 project. This survey is designed to collect your feedback to inform future AF8 outreach and engagement initiatives. Please read the accompanying information sheet carefully before deciding whether or not to participate. If you decide to participate we thank you. If you decide not to take part there will be no disadvantage to you and we thank you for considering our request.

All questions are optional. If there is a question you do not wish to answer you are reminded of your right to decline to answer any particular question(s). If you start the survey and then decide not to finish it, your feedback will not be collected.

By completing this feedback survey you agree for your feedback to be collected. Thank you!

Following the SAFER Forum presentation/discussions, how likely are you take steps towards being prepared for a magnitude 8 Alpine Fault earthquake?
Not likelyPossiblyUnsureProbablyExtremely likely
Personally (at home)
In your community
At your business / organisation
How likely are you to recommend AF8 to a friend or colleague?
Not likelyPossiblyUnsureProbablyExtremely likely

This survey has been granted approval by the University of Otago Ethics Committee. For more information click HERE.
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